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About Us

Geoff Moodie

Principal and owner

Geoff has spent the last 40 years in the sales industry, so he knows what customer service requires. Without the Customer, you do not have a successful business! He now uses that knowledge and experience he gained in the cleaning industry. Geoff lives by the tried and true method where you listen to what the customer wants and then finds the solution. He also believes that going the extra mile will only result in a satisfied client. Which will give you repeated business and also recommend you to others.

The Beginning...

Tista Cleaning services exists because there is a lack of high-quality cleaning on offer.
So Geoff is setting the bar very high and demands that each clean is as good as, if not better than the last. This, in turn, results in very happy clients who enjoy working in a very clean and healthy environment.
Great customer service, down to the smallest detail. A continued high standard of cleaning is what Tista Cleaning Service provides.
This is why we state:

“your satisfaction is our guarantee of continued service”

Geoff Moodie

TISTA is a Family run business whose main purpose is providing a Cleaning Service that will meet our client's needs


  • Is built around the genuine interest of our clients.
  • Provides a cleaner, healthier environment for the client and their staff, therefore reducing the client’s staff downtime due to illness.
  • Has an “eye for detail” and does not cut corners
  • Where possible uses eco-friendly products
  • Contacts clients, ensuring that they are fully satisfied with our service.
  • Also likes our clients to have open communication with management, to address any concerns.
  • Ensures the staff takes ownership & pride in the work they perform


  • fully vetted by Tista Cleaning services
  • They are all police checked and screened.
  • Where necessary, if they are required to work in an area where children go, each will have the necessary Blue Card.
  • All go through a rigorous training session, they are trained in all facets of employee safety including OH&S.
  • They will be trained in work efficiency, tackling problem areas and there will be an open forum for team members feedback to management.


  • Public liability insurance of $20m.
  • Full work cover Insurance
  • All electrical equipment is checked regularly and tagged.



Feedback, in many ways, helps a working relationship between businesses. With our ongoing Commercial and Office cleaning, we issue each client with a “communication book.”

These books are at a suitable site(s) for easy access by staff. If they have any comments or requests, they fill out their specific concerns in the communication book.

The cleaner will read the book before starting the clean. Any issues noted by Management are recorded for a performance benchmarking system. The team member needs to rectify the issue or carry out the extra request.

We tally all issues or requests and present them for the monthly report.

It creates goal setting, problem-solving of recurring issues and hazard reporting.


We provide a service that goes above and beyond our client’s expectations. Leaving the onus on Tista Cleaning Services to keep the client happy and on board with us.



We train our Team Members to know every building or home is unique and has certain areas that need more attention than others. It’s knowing where the areas are that’s the key. A Tista Team Leader accompanies team members for at least 3 visits before letting them go solo.


At Tista Cleaning Services, we adopt a wet wipe only policy for our bathrooms. We start by disinfecting all surfaces. Then we wipe down all dirty surfaces using only commercial grade sponges wringing them out as we go. This leaves a sparkling clean without the dust build up in corners, common with dry wiping techniques.

We use Micro Sponges for all bathroom applications. They are excellent for cleaning hard to reach areas such as tap or sink corners. Unlike harsh abrasive pads, they clean surfaces with no scratching or harsh chemicals.


We only use back-vac vacuums. They have the flexibility of accessing hard to reach areas. They also have the suction power of a commercial grade canister unit.


A $20 million public and product liability insurance plan. We give our clients total peace of mind.

How Can We Help You?

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